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Traffic Data Processing

Traditional methods of collecting traffic data are outdated and slow. Machine vision and learning is what the future holds for easy data management. Our team employs accurate and extensive procedures to process traffic data in the ITS space. Keeping in mind the end-user AR Data develops strategies to mitigate errors and increase data accuracy in all our ITS data projects.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Data Entry

Making sure each asset is captured is vital for easy asset management and maintenance. Together they play a vital role in strategic advancements in areas such as safety and mobility of ITS systems. Many of these initiatives will require systematic and ongoing capturing of data to realize their benefits. The resulting well-documented, distributed data helps to bring advancements to develop an organized transport system.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Data Cleansing

Changes to ITS systems happen on a regular basis. Our teams oversee the ongoing cleansing and management of databases to reflect accurate ITS information. With a supportive team AR Data applies verified cleansing techniques to make databases more reliable.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Data Verification

Verification of ITS data will help you hone down on having an error free and reliable database. Verifying data to what is entered will provide an added layer of quality to current datasets. AR Data will continue to support ITS service providers to make more data driven decisions for the continual improvement of their business.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Data De-Duplication

Duplicate and incorrect data is hurting your business. Decisions made on incorrect or duplicate data can often be deemed to portray the wrong information. AR Data works to rid databases of duplicate data with advanced de-duplication techniques to increase the reliability of your database.

Key Benefits of AR Data’s Traffic Data Processing Services

  • Customized and specialized data solutions to cater for all your data needs
  • Free project trial run to showcase how our experienced teams work on your project
  • Transparent and reliable agency that provides ongoing support
  • Multi-skilled team that comprises of engineers, project managers, data specialists etc.
  • Dependable and scalable outsourcing model to cater for your business needs
  • Multi-level quality check throughout all our projects to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • We develop efficient and effective strategies to maximize your time
  • Proven model that works in your best interest to deliver the results you deserve

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