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Data Cleansing Services

Increasing data accuracy and reliability

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is a vital process in data management. This process ensures that you gain the most accurate and consistent data on hand to generate the most insightful outcomes. At AR Data our expert data cleansers combined with advanced cleansing strategies ensure your data is correct, consistent and useable. AR Data filters through various CRM databases, online databases, remote databases etc. to identify incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate datasets to then be replaced, modified or processed to ensure a clean database is maintained.

Data Verification & Validation

Data verification is a cross-checking process that ensures the data is the same as original dataset. Data validation on the other hand is measuring the correctness and usability of the entered data. Together both services play a pivotal role in finalizing a database for efficiency, usability and reliability.

Cleanse CRM Databases

Many businesses have hundreds and hundreds of potential customers trapped in old CRM databases. Our job here at AR Data is to filter out the quality customers from your CRM databases to make sure your reaching your customers to the full potential. Our team spend time ensuring customer information is accurate and current, so you have the best chance of converting your customers.

Filter Record

We at AR Data want you to make the right data driven decisions for your business. As a result, AR Data will always strive to give you the best chance of making the right decision. Our team will filter through large or small quantities of records to make sure data duplication, spelling errors and typos are avoided to set you up with a reliable and correct database.

Data De-Duplication

Duplicated data is costing you excessive amounts of money and time. Whether it be duplicated customer information or duplicated company information our team has seen it all. We save your time, money and storage by eliminating excessive copies of useless data so that you can focus on the quality data that matters.

Key Benefits of AR Data’s Data Cleansing Services

  • Dependable and scalable outsourcing model to cater for your business needs
  • Multi-level quality check throughout all our projects to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Experienced and trained data management specialists
  • Proven strategies to make the most of your data
  • Strict NDA’s put in place to ensure data security
  • Ongoing support from our team to resolve all your questions
  • Saving businesses time and money with bad data

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Highly recommend the services provided by AR Data. AR Data provided a quick and cost-effective solution to digitises all our data just before everything went into lockdown for COVID-19. Thanks to Robins and the whole team at AR Data.

Director, AA Antennas | Sydney, NSW

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