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AR Data is a leading document data entry service provider that works in the best interest of its clients. Our services aim to enhance the efficiency of data that businesses rely on from a day to day basis. We cover a range of data entry documents which includes survey forms, registration documents, insurance documents, legal documents and many more. This data is then processed and developed in-house to match with the client’s requirements and then delivered in a timely and quality manner.

Medical Reports & Documents

Does your business fall in the medical sector? It is estimated that on average thousands of vital medical data are generated each and every day. Customisation and segregation of these datasets is no easy task. However, to help the manage medical data and reporting AR Data has put into place a proven framework that is both scalable and dependable to deal with crucial medical data.

Legal Documents

Whether your company is small or big, when it comes to legal documentation there is no compromise. AR Data has put into place stringent processes to make legal document data entry, easy and manageable. Our expert team are experienced and skilled to offer legal document data entry with 99.9% accuracy, delivered in your suited format.

Surveys, Questionnaires & Research Statistics

Growth is a vital part of any business and taking a business to the next level is what many aspire to do. More often than not these decisions need to be backed by accurate data to make then justifiable. In such cases AR Data’s research team will not only analyse your data from surveys, questionnaires and statistics but also provide a comprehensive analysis to help your business make the right decision.

Translingual Documents

Globalisation means you need to be prepared! Prepared to sell to every part of the globe. To do so you must reach your target market in their language. At AR Data we manage all translingual documents to be translated to a language of your choice. Why spend ample amounts of money and time? When AR Data has a dedicated multilingual team ready to process your documents.

Key Benefits of AR Data’s Document Data Entry Services

  • Saving more than 50% on data entry costs incurred by the company
  • Our team will create a data solution to cater for all your data needs
  • Guaranteed 100% security and confidentiality of data by AR Data
  • Delivering high-quality results with a fast turnaround time
  • Proven track record and experience in delivering online data entry
  • Dependable and scalable outsourcing model to cater for your business needs
  • Ongoing support from our team to resolve all your questions
  • We help businesses save costs on hiring in house data entry staff

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Highly recommend the services provided by AR Data. AR Data provided a quick and cost-effective solution to digitises all our data just before everything went into lockdown for COVID-19. Thanks to Robins and the whole team at AR Data.

Director, AA Antennas | Sydney, NSW

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