AR Data X Lendlease
Online Data Entry – Data Verification – Data Extraction - Traffic Data Processing

A Case Study of AR Data Project for LendLease


The project carried out by AR Data for Lendlease, an international property and infrastructure group was to create a state-of-the-art data solution capturing both data entry and data verification. Lendlease maintains a number of public, social and cultural constructions. They constructed the Sydney Opera House and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York. Their work also includes the restoration and reforming of London’s Tate Britain and National Theatre. Their projects hold great significance in today’s society. The project revolved around the data migration of complex traffic plans from hardcopy to a softcopy. This project ensures the accuracy of information inputted into an online database. Although, the infamous COVID-19 threatened the project AR Data put into place effective team management techniques in all its offices to allow its team to continue working from home and deliver the project well before the contracted timeframe.


AR Data formulated the use of systemic processes to input information of several critical traffic site data into the online database created by Lendlease, ensuring accuracy of data while checking for any inconsistencies every step of the way. AR Data also involved the use of Computer Aided Design(CAD), which provides precise illustration of plans in both two dimensions and three dimensions. The information derived from CAD plans was inputted in the system, making the plans easily accessible for the company. As part of the rewarding project AR Data were called to use road mapping tools to critically map measurements, sizes and materials of specific ducts in order to allow Lendlease to scope projects with greater efficiency.


Short Term:

  • To help create a systematic data solution that allows information to be sorted and accessible for the company
  • To provide quality data entry
  • To provide data verification processes to deliver high quality data
  • To ensure the smooth running of the project during the ongoing pandemic
  • To give the company easier access to all information and plans

Long Term:

  • To continue to ensure data accuracy
  • To create a database environment where information if used by all streams of the business
  • To provide comprehensive project scoping capabilities to the client for all future projects

The Final Results

At the end of the project, AR Data was able to successfully provide Lendlease with a desirable outcome. AR Data was able to complete the project, helping the company achieve their aim even when a pandemic threatened to disturb it. Although the project was estimated to take one year and half when completed internally by Lendlease. AR Data were able to provide a comprehensive three-month solution to deliver on Lendlease’s’ deliverables as well as continue to support the company thereafter for total quality management. The project which AR Data took on will continue to help Lendlease in both short and long term while helping the business deliver at a higher efficiency.