Other Data Solutions

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Other Data Solutions

To provide our clients with a complete outsourced solution we offer other services such as data migration, list building, indexing and document scanning. Ultimately helping our clients to overcome complexities in managing your business processes by delivering quality-assured data solutions. With our expertise, secure storage and proven track record, our outsourcing solutions is the perfect match for all your data management needs.

Data Migration

Often databases go old or obsolete and this calls for a change. AR Data have successfully migrated thousands of data sets to new databases with upmost quality. When data migrating, our team will aim to understand the nature of data and target location that the data is being migrated to allowing us to deliver a smooth and efficient migration process.

List Building Services

No matter how large or small your business is, good quality and efficient data is the backbone of its success. Our list building services helps you make sense of your sales and marketing activities, paving the way for persuasive and meaningful messages that drive revenue. At AR Data, we develop list building strategies to match your business goals to target the right people at the right time.

Index, store, retrieve & annotate documents

We categorize, index, store, sort and annotate your documents to allow easy document management. Our team will ensure all changes are up to date on your documents to reflect the reliability and quality.

Document Scanning & Conversion

Document Scanning and Conversion transforms your hard-copy documents to digital formats whereby replacing time-consuming and error-prone methods for document storage and data capture. Using the latest technology, the documents are then scanned and stored electronically in a format making it visible and readily available to your team.

Key Benefits of AR Data’s Data Management Services

  • Dependable and scalable outsourcing model to cater for your business needs
  • Multi-level quality check throughout all our projects to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Experienced and trained data management specialists
  • Proven strategies to make the most of your data
  • Strict NDA’s put in place to ensure data security
  • Ongoing support from our team to resolve all your questions
  • Saving businesses time and money with bad data

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For more information about our data cleansing services, kindly reach out to our friendly team at info@ardatagroup.com.au

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Highly recommend the services provided by AR Data. AR Data provided a quick and cost-effective solution to digitises all our data just before everything went into lockdown for COVID-19. Thanks to Robins and the whole team at AR Data.

Director, AA Antennas | Sydney, NSW

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